Methodist (dis)unity and the most important commandment

At the Mississippi Annual Conference gathering a few weeks ago, we had a couple proposals around the topic of sexuality that polarized the people into the ever predictable camps. During the debate and discussion of one of the bills (which specific one I can not remember), a younger woman came up to the microphone to Read More

Moving towards a theology and ethic of “holy love”

In Kenneth Collins books The Theology of John Wesley,1 he suggests that one of the prominent themes that informs John’s Wesley is the idea of holiness, which Collins further breaks down as “holy love.” Collins states: Though Wesley often simply employed the term “holiness” to describe the end or goal of the Christian life, nevertheless, as key Read More

Backdoor heresy

Amid the controversy regarding sexuality, there is a very common argument that is earnestly made in support of same-sex intercourse, albeit it is not used exclusively to the debate regarding sexuality. The argument goes in it most basic form: “If you do not accept their behavior as right and faithful, you are not welcoming and Read More

Work Retreat

Today and the next couple of days I am going to be on a work retreat for my church as I deal with visioning and planning in my areas of ministry for the upcoming year. As a result of that, I will not be working on the blog series I currently have (and refrained from Read More

Unity and Diversity – The Tension

In light of the rising controversy over the issue of unity and splitting in the United Methodist church, the idea of ‘unity’ has been used by multiple sides, to express their desire and to point out what they see others violating. Nevertheless, just because there may be a common word does not mean there really Read More