Why are Christians so judgmental/mean/hateful/etc.?

It is common wisdom to criticize Christians for being a hateful lot of people. People associate attending church with being uncomfortable, feeling like people are judging them from the get go. This is not to mention the Christians in the news, social media, etc. who seem callous to other people. As a result, people want Read More

Does this have anything to do with the decline of mainline Christianity in the US?

The Pew’s study this year on religious affiliation noted the major decline of Mainline Protestant Churches, Catholics, the rise of unaffiliateds, while Evangelical Christianity and Historically Black Protestant Christianity remained more or less steady. Consider that in light the Pew’s study on income distribution in the United StatesĀ in 2009. Here are some of Jesus’ teachings Read More

What do we do when people’s rights come into conflict?

James-Michael Smith and I have teamed together to co-write a proposal regarding societal tension and conflict surrounding religious freedom and civil rights. The triggering conflict is to what degree of freedom can people refrain from participation in same-sex marriages based upon their religious values. JM and I are proposing a basic criteria of determining how Read More

Statistics and the state of American religiosity

There is the common proverb that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Sometimes it is true about how we interpret statistics. Statistics are these collections of ‘factoids’ with little context that we then jump to interpret, typically with the most positive light for our interests and the negative light for opposing interests. This Read More

Coming back

A personal return to blogging is coming back soon, with me first commenting on the recent Pew study about religion in America.